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Wedding dresses & Gran Soiree

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Wedding dresses made in italy

Wedding dresses & Gran Soiree

A brand of a modern and refined line, embelillished with details and sophisticated finishes.


About Us

Le Voile by RioS has been established by Ruggiero Suppa, known as Rio, who thanks to his family’s tradition, going back to 1980, and to the 20-year collaboration with the successful Designer Renato Savi, his partner for the brands RS COUTURE & RENATO SAVI.
Rio decided to create a new Bridal & Gran Soiree brand, where style and quality products have enabled “Le Voile by RioS” to draw attention of a public, who appreciates the peculiarities and features of a modern and refined line, embelillished with details and sophisticated finishes.

Our dresses

Rio himself coordinates the various phases of each creation, from designers to dressmakers, pattern makers and cutters, following the rules of the dressmaking school, using the methods and techniques that characterize traditional Italian High Fashion.
Le Voile strong point is the strict adherence to the Made in Italy, as well as a new commercial distribution, that will see its gowns in the best Ateliers in Italy and in the World.


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